job description

System Engineer

1. Administration and Monitoring

· Regular monitoring/assessment of the performance and security of the Virtus Logic Data Centers / servers (JAPAN, US, and soon in SWEDEN) and related equipment to ensure acceptable up time and acceptable quality of service. This includes accessing internal and external portals (Nagios/MRTG and other upcoming Monitoring to be implemented) as well as doing tests.

· Handles alert maintenance or incident of internal servers and coordinates with third-party providers the configuration and maintenance of outsourced Virtus Logic services.

· Monitor/Notify/Implements the status changes of any configurations made / user access accounts as directed by the authorized parties.

· Regularly monitor/create ticket for alerts/cases/unplanned maintenance/renewal/expiry of server and network status and utilization reports.

· Proactively review contract renewals, domain registrations, security certificates, etc.

· Coordinates with Department Manager/Supervisor and internal/external partners regarding planned Infrastructure activities (e.g., upgrade of software or hardware) and unplanned activities (e.g., network trouble) to ensure the immediate restoration of affected Virtus Logic services.

2. Reports Management

· Provides reports to the internal partners (managers and business-related units in case they need comprehensive information about the incident pertaining to INFRA).

· Provides ad hoc reports that may be required by internal partners as well as Virtus Logic clients.

· PGives timely feedback and updates to concerned parties (i.e., System Administrators, Manager, Operations Manager, Systems and Network Operations) regarding system changes and advisories.

3. Project Implementation

· Attends meetings in coordination with internal and external partners to evaluate the required resources relevant to prospective Virtus Logic client needs.

· Coordinates with internal and external clients to assess the availability of facilities and prospective applications and solutions.

· Implements and completes approved project activities based on timelines set including the delivery and acceptance of solutions and services.

4. Technical Escalation

· Takes accountability for technical issues that are escalated to the group.

· Coordinates with partners regarding technical issues that are covered by the service level agreement.

· Provides timely feedback and updates to Manager, team members and other employees regarding system changes and advisories.

5. Others

· Observes and follows all applicable Company Policies and Procedures.